Ubiquitous Beauty

brian auer flickr

brian auer flickr

There is a not so very hidden secret: one right  in front of our eyes constantly that we perpetually take for granted. This is the inherent, ubiquitous beauty, found everywhere you care to look. The true benefit of this gift is the tranquility of understanding exactly why one never needs to feel insecure, stressed, or deeply unhappy ever again. For those that care to take advantage there is an infinite resource all around us, at all times – a beauty that if we learn to appreciate we can live each day as nature intended for us: one of nourishment and warmth purely at the gratitude, appreciation, and fascination with life and the world around us. Let us not forget that we are not above or outside nature and physics – the universe and nature are our mother, we are made out of her building blocks and are subject to her laws and bound by the limitations naturally imposed upon us. To disregard this basic fact is to do so at our peril – however if we embraced the intrinsic value of life and the world around us and worked with nature, as opposed to against it, we might create a very pleasant world indeed.

To gaze upon nature is to look upon ourselves: since the matter which makes up all living things is constantly in motion between all living things, (plants taking in our CO2 and providing oxygen, to us eating plants and vice versa when we die) each fellow being striving for survival and comfort. If a plant breathes in CO2 you breathed out, and made some sarar using the carbon molecules to help grow a leaf, steam or flower. Is then not a part of you, the co2 in the breath you exhale, in those plants? All living things eat from the same cosmic pile. This connectedness is what ultimately makes nature so beautifully radiant.

martin_heigan flickr

martin_heigan flickr

nature’s design ted

great illustrative nature pics, patterns

ted maude etc

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