Tranquility of Self

rocks-175585_640You may find you have become insidiously negative, without having noticed; one needs to carefully self-reflect and heal their mental sores. Read, be still and calm; make habit of honesty, contemplative self-assessment and self-critique.

You perhaps feel as though you have become powerless, both in thought and action. Here’s some great advice: start detaching yourself from life ups and downs – look upon all events with a fun, calm, non-offensive, curiosity.

That means you strive to reduce the mental and psychologically harm from not dealing with life’s inevitable, frequent and occasional, small and colossal demands. Constant daily little frustrations that are easily dealt with, the moderately difficult, yet bearable times, and then the times occasionally where things don’t well, at all, for several years – view these as exercises, designed to build your resilience and fortitude. Due to constant stresses or worries about short-term and particularly long-term, life goals and contentment/spiritual outlook on life we can easily get derailed from our natural tranquility.

We must practice detachment from these negative dangers to our health. Detachment ddoes not mean we don’t care – rather it is a sensible acnowledgement of what is and what is not within our control. Life then becomes more straightforward: either an event or situation is within our control, in which case we can do something about it; or it is not and we simply move on.

You really require writing or music or studying in some fashion, you are channeling life’s momentum; without challenging life lessons, not learning from all that happens to you, striving for contentment, tranquility and calmness, you will end up in a sorry destination indeed. An acceptant, positive, friendly disposition, essentially a virtuous one, we find that life takes on a deep, affectionate curiosity, love of life.

Pour you emotion and funnel it into a constructive vocation, whilst at the same time you are dealing healthily with the primitive side of the mind’s impulsive impression of an event or concept. With control over your mental well-being you are free to move forward imperviously. Frankly open with life’s good and grim sides, nothing fortune does to you will upset or bother you. Nothing has the power to do that to you.

Remember though, exactly what it takes – it require constant vigilance and self-analysis, rigorous honestly with oneself as to your true position – one must strive to steer through the storms of life’s difficulties great and small both with strength and perseverance. Know that sometimes, occasionally you will have long, difficult times that seem to go on for a life time and then some more. Sooner or later though, it will subside, you will be, and life will be “good” once again. In the meantime you are consoled by your relentlessly self-propelling sense of dedication, resilience and mental fortitude in guarding against negative mental behaviour. We will be vigilant against the daily and weekly battle, as well as the potential years of difficult situations.

We shall strive to minimize the toll life takes on our attempts at operating near to life’s full potential. It is all connected, and the result is essentially that we look after ourselves, physically, mentally and socially. By controlling our emotions, we shall be in stronger frames of mind to challenge difficulties head on, smartly, calmly and decisively to eliminate negativity from our lives, living in successful tranquility.

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