Gods Of The Animals


Our species’ great talent for tool-making, coupled with our evolved ability to formulate concepts and reason intellectually, means that we have ultimate power and dominion over the vast majority of living creatures and ecosystems.

We could ruin most types of ecosystem if we felt the need to and we can certainly easily overpower, imprison or kill any living animal on the planet.

We have ultimate control over the very lives and duration of life at any point we decide. What could be more godly than the ability to switch off the light of existence for any living creature, if we deem the situation “necessary”? As well as that we also control when and how many millions of lives are created, for our own utility, with ourselves, the powerful, smarter fellow animal, will give you an unnaturally harsh and short life – we decide when they come in, and how soon after they leave.

Perhaps it is our acute denial of our species’ superiority complex coupled with our general fear of death that causes us to be blind to the tragic act of perpetuating suffering on an unimaginable scale, which at any time, if we so wanted, we could rapidly change for the better of all parties concerned? The powers we assign to our gods are exactly the ones we have over the rest of life – we must take responsibility for our power. It is ethically mandatory.


If the more powerful of two parties has the ability to make life better for both parties in simply dropping a destructive habit – one natural and understandable, there is no self-judgement – the threat of this self-judgement only serves to keep things as they are, with the rest of the animal kingdom being our “partner” that is greatly harmed by our greed and lack of self-regulation.

Other species generally don’t live beyond their means – when they do and a population becomes too large to sustain itself, they soon get reduced in numbers. We however have developed the power to sidestep this natural law and grow wildly beyond our natural means and ruining life for far, far more sentient creatures would actually constitute necessary suffering in a more sustainable, population-monitored, compassionate world society.

One thought on “Gods Of The Animals

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