Lost Life Perspective

tree-220664_640You may find yourself having lost your life perspective. Day to day stress and troubles have ground you down and blinded yourself to your life’s needs – the big picture. You have forgotten your life direction; mired in the muddy waters of day-to-day existence, you have dropped the ball, letting your perceptions of society’s injustice and backwardness grind your spirit down. If we are not careful we become less able to change our habits and we become stuck in self-sabotaging behavioural patterns.

Getting submerged in our own self-created anxiety and stress makes it impossible to take proper charge of our lives – it would be like a surgeon with extreme anger and emotional issues to operate on you; or a nervous, indecisive, distracted captain navigating a ship through dangerous waters.

As you become increasingly stressed and emotional you make worse decisions and the vicious cycle continues, making getting out of your rut more and more difficult. Eventually your mind is in a state of frenzy, completely forgetting what lies within your control and what does not. Without you knowing, you have gradually gathered an increasing number of damaging impressions and forgotten the important truths. All of a sudden you are shocked at how poisoned your thinking and outlook on life has become as of late.

To remedy this, we must doggedly focus on what is in our control and remind ourselves of fundamental truths: we must not worry ourselves over those things we cannot change and that the most important thing to remember is that the problem is our perception of the problem, not the problem itself: Epictetus said that “men are disturbed not by events but by their opinion about events.” It is our impression of an event that causes us harm, not the event itself. As our judgement of what matters and what does not errs, menacing impressions creep in to our mind, poisoning our well-being.

Being immersed in our own life’s problems make us blind to the bigger picture – our lives are just blips in time and in order to have the greatest good impact we must maintain focus and awareness – these all but disappear when we lose sight of whats important and get bogged down in our own troubles. Remember, there is an entire world of individuals out there – we are not isolated beings; we are but one of trillions of beings, deeply interconnected.

What we forget in these vicious depths of depression is how to best approach our own lives and how to best deal with things, in short we lose our perspective on life.

You are to approach life similar to the inquisitive cat: simply gliding through life, curiously, calmly and confidently. We are not afraid of bad things happening, we quickly react by not holding onto the event, we simply continue and shift our attention forward to the present and future; we do not hold on to the past and we live with enthusiasm and will.

There is always a solution to a problem, so matter how large of small. Remember this universal truth, and you will never be anxious again.

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